An update since the announcement by the Government on 23rd March. But FIRST...

THE most important thing is to keep safe and to keep those around you safe.

Sadly, we're not going to be able to keep the shop open. We are seeing how much of a service we can continue to offer, but it's likely to be very disrupted.

Unfortunately our online partner Hive is no longer accepting orders, so please don't use that link.

If you would like a book - especially if you want to gift a book to someone who is isolated, we want to help. You can order by email - or via twitter @mrbooks_ton or you can leave a message here on the website.

We will need your payment and your address - especially a delivery address.

You can pay in a number of ways online. we can send you a payment link on request OR you can go to our PayPal link here.

If you are buying for someone who is isolated, please let us know. A single book will be at full price and the second book at 50% off and we will deliver it or have it posted to their address, at no extra cost*. However, we cannot currently guarantee a time for delivery as we are hampered by the current travel restrictions and reliant upon postal services.

Please bear with us at this difficult time.

*This offer, of course, depends on your honesty, but if we can't pull together now, when can we?

Click here to continue to the website. Or click here for NHS advice.

It was the best of times...

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