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Would like to help run a bookshop?

Would you like to volunteer?

Do you have great ideas for events? Would you like to run events?

Would you like to run the shop for a day a week?

Would you like to be part of Mr Books? Even be a part-owner?

We're looking for inspirational,enthusiastic (and trustworthy) people who want to build up the community resource of the bookshop into rip-roaring success, a hub, an arts centre, a home for literacy, literature, creativity...and who knows what else?

Nothing is off the agenda. Well...obviously, some things are...*

Just give us an idea below and we will get back to you...

* Do we have to spell it out? OK then. Nothing illegal or unpleasant or discriminatory. Inspiring and positive is the vibe.

Thanks! Idea recieved!

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