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Found out today that apparently the best way to ask a guy to marry you is to find a rural vista and wear a fluffly Japanese robe.

Make kimono furry, country views.

This bloke came up to me today and said, "Slightly regretted."

I thought 'that's a bit rued'.

What Paul Eggleston has done in this small book is remarkable; possibly criminal.

As a long time favourite on Twitter (@pauleggleston), Paul has been punning for gold since 2009.

Occasionally he's found it putting the groan into grown-up and the chortle into a joke that tortuously includes a Yorkshireman finding it difficult to get to a city in East Yorkshire (chore t' 'ull).

Frequently winning Twitter, he has drawn such praise as

"...a man obsessed with the notion of going so far out of his way to force a pun that the journey becomes not just worth it, but often surpasses the gag."


"No, God please, No! No! No!"

Basically, this is a book of almost lethal dad-jokes. One for every day of the year. You know someone who needs this.


Order your copy here

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