Very special offers


If you run a book club, or you buy books for your school or for any group  or event then just ask us; we'd like to help. We want to make books accessible to everyone who can benefit from them, so we'll negotiate the best terms we can.

If you're one of the lucky ones who has a discount voucher for Mr Books, here are the (very brief) terms and conditions -

Our dated vouchers are valid only up to and including that date. Each is redeemable against one book - in stock or ordered*. No cash alternative is allowed, sorry. *This excludes educational text books or self-published and similar specialist publications on which we are unable to obtain any retailer discount.

But, if in doubt, ask us! We'll always do our best for you.

We look forward to meeting you.

* Of course there are terms and conditions - sorry, but we can only accept one official order from each school so be sure to give us accurate numbers. We'll be able to provide the books with 40% off the recommended retail price of £9.99 - but if we can do better, we will.

And we will deliver your order personally.

We reserve the right to restrict the offer or number of books ordered. Price, numbers and delivery dates are subject to availability from our suppliers. This offer is available for orders recieved up to 15th July 2019.

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