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Don't forget 12th & 13th

That's when we're open to say hello to friends and neighbours. And there might be a glass of something to toast the renaissance of Mr Books bookshop.

We will tell you our plans and we'll be offering 20% off everything...even new book orders.

Tell all you friend to sign up to our website because we're already organising a couple of exciting author events before Christmas (think current hot property in the West End...and limited numbers so you'll need to book)

There's still so much we haven't discovered in the shop so come and explore and hunt out a bargain. How about that book you've always been meaning to read or the one you haven't seen since childhood?

And don't forget, you can follow us on  Twitter ,  Facebook ,  Instagram  and now  Pinterest where we'll be showing off some of the beautiful and collectable books we have in the shop.

Hope to see you at the weekend.

Mr Books

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